Big discount on VPS at INIZ, 100GB $20/Yr

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INIZ is one of the best VPS providers now even it has been operating since 1 year ago. They offer to customer very competitive prices that attract people.

iniz vps is cheap

In this October, INIZ is having 2 VPS Discount packages:

2 vCores
50GB 100GB RAID10 HDD <— Send ticket requirement after ordering
256MB RAM / 128MB vSwap
500GB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 / 5 IPv6 (LA) or /64 (NYC & NL)
$20.40/Year (use this promo code LAUNCH25)
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4 vCores
2TB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 / 5 IPv6 (/64 in NYC & NL)
$7.00/Month (use promo code 2014Q2)
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Looking Glass (Test IP/File)
New York, NY (USA) –
Los Angeles, CA (USA) –
Amsterdam, NL (EU) –

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