You get failed when using coupons at GoDaddy? Why and how to how to solve if GoDaddy promo code does not work? When you register to use service at GoDaddy, there are many common mistakes happened during payment processes you should know to get your order done successfully and quickly.

godaddy payment problems

1. Error: coupons can not use in your country or wrong credit card information

  • Error:

Almost GoDaddy fans have faced this error. You get this error when using $0.99, $1.99, $2.95 promo codes such the notifications below:

There was a problem processing your transaction. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment.


There was a problem authorizing your credit. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment

The image of error:

Godaddy payment error related to coupon

  • Reason: The causes are GoDaddy limits valid countries using for each coupons and you probably provide wrong Credit card information.
  • Solutions: You can attempt to remove the added domains and then add domain, add coupon again. In some cases, you might need to redo times since GoDaddy system falls at Coupon cache problems. Otherwise, double check if your credit card info is not accurate.

2. Cache coupon error in GoDaddy system

  • Errors:

You qualified for multiple money-saving offers! We’ve automatically applied the best offer, giving you the lowest price.

Image of error:

Godaddy payment fails

  • Causes: GoDaddy system bares cache problems.
  • Solutions: You need to remove domain/hosting added and then redo again

There a little tip to save your time is select Make my domain private rồi lại Keep my personal info public.

Solve Godaddy payment errors

The error notification after that is gone away ^^ and you get the price reduction.

3. Get error notifications even not using coupons

It sounds funny, but many people encounter some-times. It is because you access GoDaddy through an immediate  reference link associated with a coupon code that can not be used in your country. To solve, you just need to fill a random code like a coupon into “Have a Promo Code” box to remove the attached coupon added and then get it done smoothly.

You might want to go here to get new, fresh and valid GoDaddy coupon codes updated daily.

Indeed, If you still face error notifications even you have tried solutions above, go for other services instead of GoDaddy :)