Mochahost bad review, why we shouldn’t use it

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Mocha host hosting has been fairly popular, great thanks to their banner ads appear everywhere on the web. However, from my Mochahost bad review today, it will be clear why we shouldn’t use Mochahost service. They impress me with their competitive price ($1.95/month) so I decided to give it a go and purchase their Business packgage for one year (comes with free international domain for lifetime). This review is based on my experience when using hosting from Mochahost. In fact, it is a critique.

Bad quality hosting from Mochahost

Mochahost bad review


Advantages of Mochahost hosting

Mochahost has quite a few advantages that sound good that could make you open you wallet such as:

  • Receive your hosting account straight away just after you made a payment. They don’t need to take time to verify your payment like Hostgator does.
  • Cheap and competitive price. Their mini package just costs $1.95/month and most of the important stats are Unlimited, only one small inconvenience is that it only allows you to use 1 domain in this package. But overall it is suitable for small personal blogs.
  • Trial time is long and you can get refund within 180 days ( I am asking for a refund also).
  • Free domain name for lifetime, i.e as long as you use hosting in Mochahost you don’t need to renew your domain name. However I still get charged for domain name in my business package.
  • Fast speed, but also..unstable..

It seems like Mochahost hosting has a lot of advantages, but it is only the floating surface of an iceberg. The disadvantages of Mochahost hosting are shown below.

Disadvantages of Mochahost hosting

  •  Very bad customer support, both with live chat and email. This I will show you in details later.
  • Timeout all the time, especially with FTP network ports. I can’t log in through FTP for the whole day.
  • Very hard refund process… they could ask a lot of question and not willing to give you refund easily.

It seems like there are more advantages than disadvantages. However, at the standard of a hosting provider, only one of the three disadvantages listed above could already cause serious trouble.

Why I decided not to use Mochahost hosting

I just bought Mochahost hosting business package three days ago. The first two days using it, I could say their hosting quality is fairly good, not having any significant problem, good uptime, good speed, good configuration for WordPress. I haven’t known how good or bad their customer service is since I haven’t encountered any problem. I also processed to put their Mochahost banner on my blog. But everything changes when…

… I have this problem: could not log in through FTP network ports. I tried three different FTP clients such as FileZilla, FlashFXP, CubeFTP but all did not work.

Then I also tried login through another three different address such as, and IP of the host server but all the efforts brought nothing.

Mochahost bad hosting quality

Mochahost bad hosting quality

I also checked my internet connection but everything is still working as normal. I still could connect to cPanel of Mochahost but could not connect through FTP network ports. At this time I decided to use File Manager of editing files on host but still timeout error happened, shown by it kept doing the saving process…

Mochahost hosting FTP error

Mochahost hosting FTP error


After a while I did a refresh but still the edited file unchanged.

I am a patient man so I went to sleep and checked it again after a few hours but still nothing happened. So I decided to hook up the live chat of Mochahost to ask for my problem and this is what I got:

Mochahost hosting bad support

Mochahost hosting bad support


Mochahost hosting customer support representative kept telling me useless answers like above. So what is their final answer?

I had timeout error when signing in by FTP network ports but they told me to clear my cache and cookies of the web browser. How is that relevant to my sign in error by FTP connection?? At this moment I was a little shocked, I tried to clear my cache and cookies once but it helped nothing!

The way their customer support works and treats customers like this is really unacceptable. Actually it is not hard at all, they only need to restart the FTP connection gates but I don’t know why they told me to clear my cache and cookies.

I decided to ask for a refund. Then I was served by a sale representative who really knows how to talk to customers. But my bad experience with “Ian” made me to stick with my refund.

Mochahost chatting support

Mochahost chatting support



Mochahost chatting support 2

Mochahost chatting support 2

Do not use Mochahost hosting since our Mochahost bad review

The problems and errors I encountered are small, but with a bad attitude from the customer support how can I trust them for my bigger projects? What if bigger problems like hosting got downtime, attacked by virus, or affected by malware occur?

I think up to this point you already had an answer for yourself on whether or not you should use Mochahost hosting. Google other review about Mochahost and you will be surprised by how many negative review are there on their services, or you can click here to read about Mochahost bad quality hosting.

If you want to look for better quality hosting provider, I strongly suggest the ones with good reputation such as Hostgator, Justhost, Dreamhost or if you are looking for a cheaper option then there are Siteground, Eleven2. These are very good hosting providers that I don’t need to review, you should know them fairly well.

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