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It is really obvious that GoDaddy is the biggest domain provider in the word, but they are not so famous for Hosting Segment. Today, I would review GoDaddy hosting to bring a clearer picture about hosting quality at GoDaddy service.

First of all, I would introduce HostGator, the biggest hosting service that many international webmaster using and leaving positive feedbacks. However, from my perspective, HostGator is just suitable for small and medium-sized websites with low number of visitors daily. I ever tried a shared host, running up one blog with around 1000 unique visitors daily. One day, I published a new article on very well-known forum before going to bed, and my hosting got suspended temporirily in the morning when I got up. Probably too many people accessed the blog suddenly at the peak time caused the trouble.

I finally changed to GoDaddy hosting service, and that is why this GoDaddy Hosting review is come up today.

GoDaddy hosting review

At the result, using hosting of GoDaddy is really reasonable for me. It is awesome since the accessing and loading site speed exceed my expectation. The speed is even higher relatives to Gator because I have could choose the optimal Datacenter located in Singapore to fucilitate the targeted visitors.

The hosting package I am using is GoDaddy $1/month – free domain accompanied. I feel pretty happy with GoDaddy service, however, there are still problems:

Strengths of GoDaddy Hosting:

Frequent Promotions

This is the most attractive strength of GoDaddy, especially the hosting package that costs only $1/month. Furthermore, GoDaddy always release hosting extension coupon also. You could visit our blog at GoDaddy Coupon category to get new coupon updated daily. :)

Many applications installed

Despite of using their own hosting manager administration, GoDaddy also built softwares you are able to install and use immediately such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal…

Supports WordPress well

It is likely GoDaddy Hosting is setup to optimize use of WordPress. Quick and easy manipulations, high loading speed, being competible wit requested Ioncube Loader &  Zend Optimize plugins really impress users

High loading speed

GoDaddy locates their Datacenter in different regions. That means you can maximize the loading speed of your website by choosing the optimal datacenter location. For instance, your visitors come mostly from China, you could place your website in Singapore instead of USA or other regions. ;)

High Uptime

This is the big deal for me because the operation is still table in any circumstances.

The weaknesses of GoDaddy Hosting:

Insufficient support system

This is seriously the biggest weekness of GoDaddy in both Domain and Hosting line. Their support is really bad, you even have to wait for a few days to get in touch with their support. Their 24/7 assistance commitment just works on Phone. That would be so blessing for English people, but the hell for non-english speaking customers.

Strange Hosting Manage System

Instead of using common applications such as Cpanel or Direct Admin, GoDaddy utilizes their own one. Users need time to get used to manipulating in order to manage hosting well. For me, after getting along with them, I assume that they organize the console structure quite intelligent. The manage application of DreamHost is much more horrible. :D

Unstable Operating

How good your host is depends on your lucks when you registered the package. You are lucky, you get the good server. In contrast, you get very unstable one. Don’t just play the gamble, you should call them to ask to move up to another better server. This is a tip for shared hosting users.

Existing some limitations

GoDaddy Hosting limits users from sending email with external SMTP server. Moreover, your Database can’t be over 10 Gb.

[vision_pullquote style=”3″ align=”center”] In deed, GoDaddy Hosting is a pretty worth choice if you are looking for a good quality hosting service providing cheap price. Especially, they are having a big deal of $1/month hosting promotion. [/vision_pullquote]

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