Refund policy of GoDaddy, how to get money back from them?

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Not only GoDaddy, mostly all domain/hosting service providers have their refund policy or Money back guarantee. After a while of using service, by any reasons such as unsatisfaction or even you just simply want to cancel your plan, you will receive the full money paid.

GoDaddy has variety of different services, they absolutely have refund policies corresponding to services.

Refund policy of Godaddy

General regulations for all products and services at GoDaddy:

  • You could require for refund within 45 days using with order paid in period of year.
  • With other orders in period of month, the valid time that you can require refund is 48 hours.
  • After 45 days, you still can ask for money back guarantee. But you will get In-store instead of money.
  • You should ask support if whether you have consent to get the refund before deciding to cancel product, services or relatives.
  • All refund requirement need to be accompanied with the clear reasons and your acceptation of getting In-store Credit or not.

Specific refund policy of GoDaddy

List of products or services that you can get refund:

  • Business Registration
  • Calendar
  • Office 365
  • CashParking®
  • Certified Domains
  • Hosting (all plans)
  • Discount Domain Club (Non-refundable if used since purchase or latest renewal)
  • Domain Backorders
  • Domain Transfers
  • Online Bookkeeping
  • Get Found
  • Email
  • Express Email Marketing®
  • Fax Thru Email
  • Online Bookkeeping
  • Online Storage
  • Photo Album
  • Quick Shopping Cart®
  • Reseller Accounts
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • SiteLock
  • Website Protection
  • Website Builder

Products with special refund rules:

  • Ad Spend: With Search Engine Visibility service, you can not be refunded for months after current month.
  • Assisted Service: Possible to get the money back in first 3 months.
  • Domains by Proxy®: You could get the money back if you cancel domain within first 5 days since the order was placed. In the case that you are renewed automatically, you can request for refund in 3o days.
  • Đăng ký domain: You can get the money back if you cancel payment and your requirement is settled within 5 days after registration.

Different nation domain has different valid refund time:

  • .cn,,, — 15 days
  • .me — 2 days
  • .mx, — 45 days
  •,, — 4 days

These types of domain that is not associated with refund policy when you cancel:

  • .am
  • .at
  • .be
  • .br (including &
  • .de
  • .es (including,, &
  • .eu
  • .fm
  • .fr
  • .gs
  • .it
  • .in
  • .jp
  • .ms
  • .nl
  • .nu
  • .nz (including,, and
  • .se
  • .tc
  • .tk
  • .tw
  • .vg
  • .ws
  • .uk (including,, and
  • .us

Domain is renewed automatically

If the new extension is year, you get the money back within 45 days since the previous due date.

If the new extension is more than year, you can only get the money back if you cancel within 5 days after due date.

ICANN fee is refunded in only 5 days after you renew domain.

Manual Domain extension

Get the refund only in the case that you cancel within 5 days after renew.

Auction Featured Listings

You can get refund in 24 hours if there is no bid.

GoDaddy Auctions® Additional Categories

Getting money back within 48 hours if there are not any bids.

Premium DNS: Get refund in first 5 days using.

Protected Registration: Get money back in first 5 days using.

SSL Certificates and Renewals

For all SSL certificate (does not matter whether you used or not yet), you can get refund within first 45 days. After 45 days, you still get refund, but under In store credit for the rest of time.

Products that you can not get refund

  • Appraisals
  • Domain Monitoring
  • Domain Buy Service
  • Expert Services
  • Professional Web Design Services
  • Auction Memberships
  • Hosting Connection paid Apps. Once set up, not refundable.
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Office Max Bundles
  • Hosting Services (Expert Services, custom support, etc.)
  • Premium Domain Names
  • Domain Auctions
  • Redemption Fees

How to send a refund requirement to GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is the company that it is the most difficult to contact support in any cases. It used to work if you send an email to [email protected], but don’t waste your time doing that any more.

There is one convenient way to contact with GoDaddy is Live chat. Visit, login and then wait for the period of time between 18h today to 13h next day until the Live chat button appears. Click on it and continue waiting for your turn :) god dammit @@

Please be noticed that you have to choose the Country/Region at United States – English if you want to see the Live chat frame.

I suggest calling them if you are good at English and the cost of international calling is reasonable for the amount of money that you hope to get back.

I wish you would get refund successfully.

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